The world is changing, the climate is changing and so are you and meI.

I am changing from “Peter Ticktin. . .  A Voice of Reason” to “What’s Tickin’, America?  By Ticktin”

Going forward, I will continue to write about our ever changing world, about Donald Trump, about Hillary and other hurricanes, etc.  However, today, I am charging forward with my true specialty, my raison d’être:  Climate Change.

Wait!  Don’t stop.  Continue reading, and understand a position which no one else extols.  The one thing you won’t see is any effort to convince you about anything.  The last thing  I want to do is argue with anyone as to whether the climate is warming or  whether we are to blame.  I have never been into proselytizing.  Believe whatever you want.  Frankly, I will not argue the point.  To me, it is simply what it is, and if we apply science, there is a cure.

What I knew 52 years ago

Since 1965,  I have known of and accepted the reality that the immense amount of carbon dioxide we are generating would have the effect of warming our planet.  This has been over more than half a century, during which I have had the time to predict changes which have materialized.  This includes the timeframe of when the public would pick up its ears to when we would see proof of change on an undeniable scale.

Most of you know that I am an attorney, and you may ask what the heck does a lawyer know about science?  Well, my background was in science.  I was one of those nerds who skipped my first year of college and then I skipped my last year of college, and was in medical school when I was 20.  (I had only 1 year of medical school as I was far more attracted to the practice of law than the practice of medicine, so I switched.)

When I became totally convinced that our world was actually warming, I knew that I needed to learn how we grow food, and how things worked.  In 1974, at age 29, I gave up my law practice, bought a farm and put myself through a 10-year program.  Remember, we didn’t have an internet, back then, so I had no idea of anyone else with my beliefs.  It was extremely lonely when no one else shared any knowledge or desire to become knowledgeable about this impending problem.

Much more recently, in 2009 I started The Global Warming Foundation, which also was not inclined to preach, but rather to provide information to those already knowledgeable and accepting of this threat.

President Trump is right!

With all this said, it is important to note that I am no Al Gore.  I do not agree with the people who are pushing to lower our use of fossil fuels.  My view is completely different.

Believe it or not, not because I know and love our president, but because of what I know about climate change, I am 100% lined up with what Donald Trump is doing.  As a totally committed acceptor of Global Warming, at first I agreed that we should do everything we could to lower carbon emissions.  In that regard, we have done a good job, and things will continue to improve.  In fact, we are adding population, and our use of fossil fuels has not risen as much as it otherwise would have.

There is no way, however, that we are going to stop this problem by reducing emissions.  Our planet has already warmed by about 0.75 Degrees Celsius, and even the geniuses of Paris are hoping to curtail it at 2 Degrees Celsius, an impossible task.

Past the tipping point

Unfortunately, we are past the tipping point.  For instance, we are already getting storms such as Harvey, which dropped 4 feet, 2 inches of water on Houston.  We should expect more of these with even more water.  The Great Barrier Reef, a 1,400 mile living organism is dead.  The streets of Miami and Norwalk periodically flood due to sea level change.

Forest fires are far worse than ever, not only here, but in places like Chile.  Last Christmas the temperature on the North Pole was 32.7 Degrees Fahrenheit.  It was melting on the shortest darkest days of the year.  I could go on and on.  The point is that something is amiss.

Here’s the good news

The good news is that there are more ways than one to skin a cat.  Dropping the use of fossil fuels is like stopping eating.  It isn’t going to happen.  It could work, except that it will take far more time than we humans have to change our ways.  In the meanwhile, we can apply geo-engineering to give us the time we need to save our planet. This needs a good plan and it needs to be decided soon.

Also, in the meantime we need to prosper.  Donald Trump may not believe in Global Warming, but he does believe that we should prosper, and he will make it happen.

Here is how a true Global Warming believer with a brain thinks:

We’d better think ‘America First’

If we aren’t thinking in terms of “America First,” we are idiots.  Right now the drought in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and half of Honduras is driving parents to get their teenage children to mount trains through Mexico to come here.  The risk, as horrible as it is to send your children away, it is better than watching their children starve.  What will happen when the Pacific heats up again, and we get our next El Nino?  Will the drought spread through Mexico?  Will there be mass migrations across our border?  This is why we need a wall on our southern border, so that the populace knows not to even try that route.  They will look for other ways to survive.

More importantly, if we, the four percentof our world population, think that we are going to pull the other 96% up, we are fools, and especially fools when we ourselves are standing on a declining base.

For us to pay carbon taxes to the rest of the world; for us to regulate ourselves out of profitability to reduce emissions; for us to join the global economy stupidly, we will not help the rest of the world as much as we are pulling ourselves down.  If we take care of ourselves first, we can help others secondly.  It is like the instructions in our air flights.  When the masks fall, put yours on first and then help the child next to you.

New infrastructure essential

Right now, we need to rebuild our infrastructure to be not only repaired, but rather to be suitable for the world as it will change in the next 10 years, 20 years, and beyond.  This has to take into account rising seas, more storms, more droughts, more this year than last, more next year than this year, and on.  How can we possibly do this if our main goal is to reduce emissions. The only way that we are going to successfully deal with this problem is for us to prosper, right now, so that we have the capacity to rebuild.

So, take it from me, a committed Global Warming acceptor.  For all those concerned because Donald Trump isn’t acknowledging Global Warming.  Believe me, he is on the right track.  Over the next seven years, it is going to be more and more apparent that we have an emergency situation with climate change, and that we have the right man to lead us through this problem.

First, our President  needs to deal with the absolute insanity around the globe.  We need to de-nuke North Korea and then Iran.  Then, we need to boost productivity and use our one last timeframe left to rebuild our infrastructure.  Then, we need to deal with the best method of geo-engineering our planet.  (We are already geo-engineering it, just not with volition.)  We already know that we were not able to reduce carbon emissions fast enough to make a real difference, while a little shade will go a long way.

That’s What’s Tickin, America in my mind and hopefully now in yours. 

Stay tuned for more advice on how to Make America Great Again by meeting head on the challenges we face.






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