Notwithstanding the Truth of Global Warming, President Trump Is Actually on the Right Track to Confront Climate Change

In response to all the worrisome commentary in NY Times/Climate newsletter about the Trump Administration’s failure to mention global warming in its national security strategy, I would like to offer a contrarian point of view that our President has hands down the single best strategy to deal with global warming—making our economy great again.

There is no question that we are in a changing world.  If you think that Donald Trump is not aware of the change of climate, think again.  There is no way for him to be in the dark, unless every single one of his Joint Chiefs, his close staff, members of his Cabinet, etc., etc. are living in an illusion.  He met and heard out Al Gore (twice), Leonardo DeCaprio, and others.  He deals with reality, and, say what you will, he never buries his head in the sand.  In fact, it was announced the other day that the White House no longer denies that the climate is changing.

Before he became the responsible one, he did say that Global Warming is a “hoax.”  To some extent, he was right.  Cap and Trade has enriched some, while doing little to help the world.  We already tried cutting down on fossil fuel emissions, and we have not quite kept up with the demands of our increasing urbanization and increasing emerging populations.  We have failed to curtain enough fossil fuel burning to keep us from going over the tipping point.

No doubt, the average world temperature has been increasing.  That means that there is more and more energy in our atmosphere.  This is why we see more and more effects of that energy.  At this point, we are already in a new world.  Ask the people of Houston who had 4 feet, 2 inches of Harvey’s water fall on huge areas.  Ask the Californians and Chileans about forest fires.  Ask those who mourn the death of the 1,400 mile long Great Barrier Reef off of Australia.

The point is that freeing us all of using fossil fuels is a losing battle, and if we chase that noble goal, we will continue to bail a sinking ship using a tea cup.  The time is coming when this problem will need to be addressed by geo-engineering.  There are other actions which can be taken which will buy us more time.  Reduction of fossil fuel emissions is not going to be fast enough, as the changes are already upon us.

Moreover, we are going to need an enhanced infrastructure which can handle the changes we see today and those of tomorrow on the exponential slope we are now climbing.  The ways of the past required us to spend and reduce the viability of our economy for the sake of reduction of burning fossil fuels.  Now, we need to prosper economically in order to perform the miracles we are going to need to pull off.  It takes money to re-build infrastructure.  It takes money to Geo-engineer the world.  So, do we continue the old way, which didn’t do much good, and go down into oblivion with good goals, or do we completely regroup and deal with this problem head on?  Rationally!  Effectively!

With Donald Trump, we first need to deal with horrible issues which just will not quit on their own.  North Korea and Iran need to be de-nuked.  Then, we can deal with the mission of steering the climate back to a homeostatic temperature.

If it is possible to be done, and it is possible, Donald Trump is the man to do it.  He is the one can lead us to doing it just as he has led Congress to the pass the largest tax reform legislation in decades that will percolate the U.S. economy – a major step toward preparing America for combat the effects of global warming.

Peter Ticktin

What’s Tickin’, America?

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