Most people tend to live their lives by just getting through the next 24 hours. They don’t plan. They fail to set  goals.   Without goals, there are no objectives to be accomplished, let alone priorities.  Many go to work and fill their days doing whatever awaits them,  occasionally with a sense of urgency.  Hence, most of us do not take the time to plan, so we drift from one task to another oblivious of perils ahead…

This is one of the beautiful things about having a successful CEO run our country. What do CEOs do?  They look after key people, hire the best, fire the worst, and keep their eye on  everything that will assure a thriving business

Most importantly,, CEO’s  find and deal with threats and form  plans to neutralize them.  They set goals whereby to measure their success.  They  execute a plan  designed to achieve an outcome they see as essential to ultimate success. . In this way, the CEO mentality is unlikee most of the population.

I’m sorry to say that we are soon going to be seeing some of the horrible effects of the warming of our planet.

Yes, we have seen weird things such as the fact that Boston was 70 Degrees F in mid-February, or Hurricane Harvey’s 50 inches of rain over the Houston area.  We see that 3½ million people are hungry in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras.  70% of the 1,400-mile long Great Barrier Reef off Australia is dead.  Yes, all the danger signs are appearing. All aound the world, more and more they’re warning us as the atmospheric temperature rises.  Our forest fires are worse than ever and expected to be far worse this coming summer.  To each of these issues, and many more, we can commiserate and even accept that change is on its way.

Now, we are poised to see a scene which will horrify us.


We are on the threshold of a population of over 55 million people, the whole population of South Africa is now running out of water.  The authorities in Johannesburg are set to turn off the water taps on June 4.

The Johannesburg population already have pretty well stopped bathing.  Showers are limited to two minutes.  Anyone who emerges from their homes with shampooed hair are scorned for being unpatriotic.  In three months from now, unless something is done, that population will have no water to drink.

Do you know how long people can live without water?  Three days!   It seems that the leadership (if you can call it that) in South Africa did not plan to protect the people of South Africa.  It is a little late to start planning, and unless an armada of ships filled with fresh water start to help the people, there, we are about to witness one of the most horrible and frightening scenes in the history of humanity.  The point is that South Africa is no longer being run by the likes of Mandela.  Now it iss all politics.  No leadership.  No one is a saying “South Africa First.”  Fully aware of the situation, the political hacks over there failed to look at their situation, just the opposite of our president who plans to fix the  problems he sees ahead.

We are not South Africa.   Fortunately, we have a president who is putting all Americans above the rest of the world.  The White House is no longer denying the fact that the world temperature is increasing.  How could it when ignoring the generals and others raise serious security issues.

I don’t know whether Donald J. Trump believes in Global Warming, himself right now, or if he, as so many Americans, choose to deny it for the moment.  I can tell you this.

There are only two kinds of people in the world. 1) There are those who believe that global warming is real and that our atmosphere and waters are getting warmer; and 2) there are those who will believe that global warming is real.

Give me a great leader, any day, irrespective of his or her current beliefs, over the fools who just do not know how to accomplish goals.  Our chances of fixing these things which are broken in our world can be fixed only by such a leader.  Thank God  we have Donald J. Trump In the White House.


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